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Orson Scott Card
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Neil Gaiman

Larry Niven
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Isaac Asimov
Robert Heinlein
Ayn Rand
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Had a particularly productive couple of days at work. Yesterday I managed to figure out what was causing the XWin problems on three of my cluster machines for the past couple of months and after several hours of googling on my hunch finally managed to get everything back to normal. And today I plumbed the depths of the atrociously poorly coded Webadmin system to finally figure out how to associate pictures with the dynamically generated faculty profiles on the CNBC web site. (Sometimes I despair at the state of programming nowadays. The guy who wrote the utility graduated from the same program as me only a year and a half later than I did, and yet he has written a horribly hubbed monstrosity with little to no comments, arbitrary indentation, and code that assumed last names to be unique identifiers when he had a perfectly good MySQL database at his command. *facepalm*).

In both cases, I ended up not getting home until about 7:30pm, and not minding the fact in the least. Partly that's from the fact that I can spend half the day reading Wikipedia and playing Nanaca Crash, but on the other hand a lot of my ideas end up coming to me while I'm distracted or otherwise not directly focused on the problem at hand. It feels nice to have a work environment that lets you screw around when things aren't particularly time-sensitive, and a home environment that lets me stick around the office as long as it takes without screwing up anyone's plans. ^^
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Guess who's back

Haven't LJed in ages, partially because I didn't have much to write about and partially because I had better things (read WoW and anime) to do with my time than write about nothing. ^^ In short, I've reached lv53 with my Rogue in WoW, gotten completely obsessed with the Air anime, as a consequence gotten re-obsessed yet again with the Air game, continued my obsession with I've Sound music, and started counting down the days until the US release of Xenosaga 2. If you haven't noticed, I remain the game-obsessed geek I've always been. ^^

In other news, Dave has moved back to Pittsburgh and is now my part-time assistant at work. Having an assistant means I can finally start taking long-distance vacations again, so I'll be crashing at my parents' place in Europe on March 3-13. ^^ And speaking of vacations, preparations are proceeding slowly but steadily with the plans for two weeks in Japan this August. Comiket, here I come!
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Ever get the feeling that the universe hates you? This whole trip attempt has been subject to Murphy's Law from the get go, culminating last night. First, I fail to find tickets for the days I wanted, and ended up getting a round trip starting on Dec 24 and ending on Jan 1, which was about the shortest amount of time that would be worthwhile. Then I get sick on the 24th, to the point of seriously doubting my ability to make it to the airport, let alone enduring the transatlantic flight. I end up dragging myself to the airport anyway on sheer force of will, going through registration, getting on the plane, and then drifting off, waking up an hour later while still on the runway to the announcement that both this flight and the next one have been canceled due to weather conditions in Philadelphia (which was the first connection in my 3-hop flight). I spent the following hour in line for the registration desk, and then was presented with the choice of going a day later or getting a full refund. Since the original schedule was already bare bones, and the mere thought of going through it all over again the next day was more than I could bear, I decided to go with the refund, and my parents agreed with the decision. So I guess I'll be spending the holidays here in Pittsburgh, and will see about seeing my folks sometime in late February or early March.
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Damn you, Murphy

So in accordance with Murphy's Second Law of Vacations, I woke up today to a spinning head, weak body, and an unstoppable desire to vomit. Took my temperature after the conversation with the porcelain god, only to find that I was running a fever of 37.4C. I'm not sure if it's food poisoning or, gods forbid, stomach flu, but it looks like this is going to be my second transatlantic trip in a row where I will have to pay careful attention to the placement of airsick bags. If this goes on, I may have to start asking my folks to start visiting me rather than the other way around. T_T
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Looks like between the sudden cold snap and me getting little sleep due to work and Warcraft, I've managed to develop a cold of some sort. At the very least I've been feeling kind of dizzy and braindead all day long. I guess I should be happy that I'm getting this now, with 9 days to burn through it before my flight to Switzerland is due, rather than on the day I left like on my last trip to see my folks. ^^;

Speaking of which, my parents randomly decided that they missed me enough to offer to pay for tickets to come visit them for the holidays, so I'll be in the land of cheese, chocolate, and cuckoo clocks between December 24 and January 1. Should be able to handle most potential work emergencies remotely, and showed one of our research programmers how to reset the servers in case they're too far gone for remote administration, so I'm leaving with a fairly clean conscience (not to mention that email and Matlab will probably be the last thing on my users' minds over that time period).

Yesterday was particularly annoying since the Center's trustees were having their annual meeting, and all had Powerpoint presentations they needed help setting up. So I was at the office from about 7:30am to 6pm, running around from one emergency to the next for most of the time. Then I got home only to discover that the WoW login servers were fubar after the latest server patch, so I took the opportunity to finally dig through the huge pile of unopened mail that has all but assimilated my computer desk. There was enough paper to fill up a waste basket by the time I was done, and that's in spite of the fact that all the obvious junk mail was dumped upon reception and never even made it to the desk. Mmm, procrastination... Still, sorted through all the paperwork (luckily 99% of it was just notices, statements, and non-obvious junk mail), renewed my car insurance and registration (ow! my wallet!) and filed everything where it belonged. All in all a day that was as productive as it was frantic.

About the only thing left to process is a parking ticket that I got while my car was stolen. Apparently whoever took it ditched it on a hydrant and the parking cops got to it before the real ones did. Still not sure if I want to go through the trouble of fighting it, since it involves getting a formal written statement from the officers who found the car and an appearance in traffic court. On one hand, $45 isn't worth all that hassle, on the other I really hate giving money to the government, especially when it's money I don't owe it.
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Old and busted

Yep, I turned 27 today. It's also the one-year anniversary of my starting at my current job. Pretty amazed just how quickly the year flew by, though I guess it's an expected effect of keeping busy and on a regular schedule. While I'll save the year-long retrospective for the New Year's post, I will say that politics aside, it's been a pretty satisfying year so far. Things have stabilized into a pretty nice pattern for me, and there's a general feeling of progress (however slight) being made every day. Just wish I didn't have to grow older in the process. ^^;

Went out to Chaya tonight with cyfis, ketsugami, and arct1cfox to celebrate, and had some excellent sushi and quality conversation. Nothing too extravagant, but pleasantly cozy in the company of svoi.
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