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So I finish off a 5-hour Task Force mission in City of Heroes (got to take down the Clockwork King, which was one of my goals in the game, what with KOS-MOS being Tech origin and all) with about 3 bars (30%) left until level 22, check my email, and what do you think I see?

Subject: Welcome to the World of Warcraft Beta Test


I made it into the third wave of World of Warcraft beta! Currently doing the 2-gig client download and probably going to spend the rest of the afternoon planning out my character. Suddenly, the chances of KOS-MOS making it to Lv22 are looking pretty slim ^^;

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    HELLLOOOOOOOO SEATTLE! Finally made the move, now I just need to acquire a bed and a job, not necessarily in that order.

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    Meme yoinked from kjpepper ( Click here to post your own answers for this meme.) ✓ I miss somebody right now.…

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