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Murphy's Law of Vacations: The amount of work that needs to be taken care of increases at an increasing rate as time remaining before a vacation approaches zero.

Ended up sticking around the office until about 7pm tonight just to wrap up all the urgent stuff for the day and make more headway against the longer term projects I need to either resolve or leave in a stable condition before I fly out to Switzerland Wednesday night. Just about finished setting up the 1.25TB file server for the folks in Biology, so now I just have the 1.5TB box to worry about. Unfortunately, the RAID card for that one arrived late (the last to arrive of the 18 hardware orders I made, in fact), and in the last two days determined that it is not unlike a piece of chicken in the House of the Venerable and Inscrutable Colonel. Namely, it is completely, utterly, and irrevocably fried. Spent a while confirming that fact with a tech support representative from Promise, and then called the retailer from whom I got the card and secured myself an RMA number. All in all pretty painless as far as these things go (there's a reason I always check in with Reseller Ratings before buying stuff from Pricewatch), but this means that even if they overnight the replacement card without waiting for my faulty card to come in, I'll still only have one or two days to initialize the array into RAID5 (a loooong time when you have 6 300-gig drives to go through), install Fedora Core 1, make it play nice with the motherboard and the RAID, and set up user accounts. Looks like I may end up dumping some of that onto Rob, which I'd rather avoid doing if at all possible, since he's going to have his hands full as it is, what with me being 6 timezones away for the following two weeks.

On the plus side, my boss called me in today, and informed me that he finished all the interviews for my 6-month performance evaluation, and apparently everyone at the CNBC has been very happy with me. Aside from the fact that I still don't know squat about OSX and am still learning the finer points of Unix administration (both areas in which, luckily, Rob has plenty of expertise), everyone seems to regard me as effective, helpful, and competent. Aside from the ego boost, this means that starting with the next pay period I'm going to be getting the 10% raise I was promised when I was hired. I can hear the folks at Right Stuf International celebrating already. ^^

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