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Ever since I queued up Blue Blood and Fan's Selection CDs from X Japan during Sunday's UT fragfest, I've had their songs stuck on permanent loop in my mental iPod (and my physical iPod for that matter). The annoying thing is that the parts that generally tend to loop in my head are not the vocal bits or the melodies from their power ballads, but the really fast guitar solos from Kurenai, Silent Jealousy, and Dahlia, which cannot be sung, hummed, or otherwise approximated outside of air guitar (which looks positively silly while walking down the street or waiting for the elevator). It never ceases to amaze me just how varied and juicy their fast songs tend to be, rarely satisfied with having just one major theme or progression. Kurenai alone has enough different hooks in it to fill a lesser band's album.

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    HELLLOOOOOOOO SEATTLE! Finally made the move, now I just need to acquire a bed and a job, not necessarily in that order.

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    Meme yoinked from kjpepper ( Click here to post your own answers for this meme.) ✓ I miss somebody right now.…

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