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Slackity slack slack slack

Have settled into a rather uneventful rhythm over the past few weeks between work, anime, and City of Heroes. Went to see a Rush concert over Memorial Day which was quite cool. Also started in earnest on the various long-term projects at work, with the intention of finishing most of them off before I head out for vacation at the end of June.

But primarily it's all been about leveling KOS-MOS (a pretty decent approximation, if I do say so myself, though I wish the character creation engine would let you do more customization for faces) in COH like there's no tomorrow. The gameplay's been quite addictive, and the quest-driven nature of the game makes leveling a lot less tedious than it was in RO. In hindsight, I'm starting to wish that I went ahead and bought the game rather than mooched off of ketsugami's account. They don't transfer characters between accounts, so we can't play together even if I got myself a new copy right now. Since I already put almost 60 hours into this character, I'm not really enthused about starting from scratch either. Oh well, considering that it's only about 3 weeks until Xenosaga 2 comes out and gives me the opportunity to play with the _real_ KOS-MOS, I guess it's not too much of a loss.

In other news, BG2 is now up and operational, running Windows 2003 Server and slowly getting its 1TB drive filled up with anime. At this rate we should be able to get it back online within the next few weeks.

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