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Tech Support

It looks like nowadays knowing what goes on inside a computer is as likely to get the world knocking at your door as inventing a better mousetrap. Now mind you, I know as much about computers as I do because I enjoy poking around in them. I love keeping up on the latest trends in hardware and software, as well as researching old technologies that have evolved into present architectures. I love pricing out a l33t b0x on Pricewatch and seeing how much cheaper and l33ter it ends up being than the closest approximation from Dell. Hell, there's a reason I'm doing this thing for a living, and there's a reason people are paying me to do it.

In most cases, when co-workers, friends, and family members ask me to help them with some kind of technical thingamajig, I'm genuinely happy to oblige. There's a certain sense of empowerment that comes with being able to do something others can't, and knowing that people regard you as an authority on a particular subject. If you read this journal, rest assured that this rant is not directed at you.

What drives me completely up the wall, though, it the fact that as soon as a complete stranger finds out that you do tech support for a living, they somehow get it into their heads that you're volunteering to be their computer bitch. I've had online acquaintances of friends call me at 2am expecting me to walk them through a Windows reinstall. I've had people whom I've never met in real life, and with whom I never chatted at length online demand that I spec out and put together a new system for them, without even offering basic screwdriver shop overhead. And of course constant IM pings from people I don't know, and don't have particular interest in knowing, regarding whatever virus or piece of spyware they managed to pick up, or asking why their PCI expansion card refuses to recognize their sixth hard drive.

Once again, I'm happy to do all of these things for my friends, my parents, and myself. But between all the projects the abovementioned parties generate and the stuff I do at work, there comes a point where even I want to spend some time without lecturing on how to use AdAware, browsing through manufacturer documentation, or explaining the difference between regular ATA and Serial ATA.

Normally I tend to take these things in stride, and either grudgingly come up with a solution or inform the person that the manufacturer of the hardware/software that's giving them trouble has a perfectly competent tech support department of its own. This weekend, though, it looks like the computer gremlins decided to pull some overtime, so I just feel like venting.

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