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Chilled Water Shutdown

So I come into the office this morning, and am greeted with news that Facilities Services are going to do a chilled water shutdown throughout our building for the full length of the next weekend. Now normally I couldn't care less about what facilities does, except that in this case, the shutdown completely knocks out all the air conditioning facilities in our server room. That room has about 25 high-end server machines in it, and no ventilation other than the industrial-strength AC setup, and can turn from chilled to sweltering within a couple of hours of the AC being shut down. Last time the ACs went out, which was only for half a day, I had to put room fans behind all the servers, unlock and prop open the room doors. and sit guard until the cooling turned back on and I could lock the room up again. This time around, it's not really feasible to sit guard for 72 hours, and I'm not even sure the computers can manage that long even with the doors open and the fans running. So I have about 4.5 day to figure out how to keep any systems from burning out or crashing, while maintaining security and making sure that nothing gets stolen. Oy vey.

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