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Finished off my busiest week at work to date by staying late to take down Condor after everyone left and give it a thorough checkup. Looks like things aren't nearly as bad as I feared. There weren't any bad sectors and the file system did not get corrupted in any way since Tuesday. Ran a full fsck job on both local hard drives (but not the RAID, since it would probably take well into the weekend to scan 800+GB of storage ^^;) and everything came out clean. Still not sure what exactly caused the file system errors that made Condor crash in the first place, but apparently it isn't the hard drives themselves. Could be any number of things that may or may not have happened over the months of uptime this system had before I even started at the CNBC. One way or another the coast appears to be clear for the immediate future (I know, I know, famous last words).

Aside from wrestling with the server, there's been a load of other stuff to take care of. Preparing for the printer move (which I scheduled for this week but had to push back due to Condor trouble), speccing out new systems for people coming in in March, doing damage control for the crash (luckily only one user lost anything of importance. OTOH, that's still one user too many, and she did lose her entire mail spool file ;_;), and handling the myriad of small daily tasks that always pop up in an office this size.

On the plus side, it looks like I've made a good impression so far. Had a couple of my coworkers mention that I've been doing a better job than my predecessor (Harinezumi.ego++), and had my first progress report interview with Mike. So far it looks like he's pretty impressed and satisfied with my progress, which is always good. Theoretically he's pretty much on the same level as I am on the org chart, but part of his responsibilities includes keeping tabs on the state of our computing resources, so I imagine that his opinion will be included in my eventual performance review. Which means that if he's happy, I'm happy. OTOH, that also holds for all of my other users. ^^

Finally, the more I learn about UNIX, the more I'm starting to like it. The book I got over a year ago is actually an incredibly handy reference, and helps a lot with putting the information I get from Google, man pages, and Rob's advice into context. At this rate, I'll be able to grok system administration before summer, and then focus on polishing and perfecting my craft. Great Sysadmin Harinezumi! Ph33r

And with all of that said, I'm off to Shadyhouse for some hearty partying and a well-earned drink. ^^

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