February 8th, 2005


Guess who's back

Haven't LJed in ages, partially because I didn't have much to write about and partially because I had better things (read WoW and anime) to do with my time than write about nothing. ^^ In short, I've reached lv53 with my Rogue in WoW, gotten completely obsessed with the Air anime, as a consequence gotten re-obsessed yet again with the Air game, continued my obsession with I've Sound music, and started counting down the days until the US release of Xenosaga 2. If you haven't noticed, I remain the game-obsessed geek I've always been. ^^

In other news, Dave has moved back to Pittsburgh and is now my part-time assistant at work. Having an assistant means I can finally start taking long-distance vacations again, so I'll be crashing at my parents' place in Europe on March 3-13. ^^ And speaking of vacations, preparations are proceeding slowly but steadily with the plans for two weeks in Japan this August. Comiket, here I come!
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