December 25th, 2004


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Ever get the feeling that the universe hates you? This whole trip attempt has been subject to Murphy's Law from the get go, culminating last night. First, I fail to find tickets for the days I wanted, and ended up getting a round trip starting on Dec 24 and ending on Jan 1, which was about the shortest amount of time that would be worthwhile. Then I get sick on the 24th, to the point of seriously doubting my ability to make it to the airport, let alone enduring the transatlantic flight. I end up dragging myself to the airport anyway on sheer force of will, going through registration, getting on the plane, and then drifting off, waking up an hour later while still on the runway to the announcement that both this flight and the next one have been canceled due to weather conditions in Philadelphia (which was the first connection in my 3-hop flight). I spent the following hour in line for the registration desk, and then was presented with the choice of going a day later or getting a full refund. Since the original schedule was already bare bones, and the mere thought of going through it all over again the next day was more than I could bear, I decided to go with the refund, and my parents agreed with the decision. So I guess I'll be spending the holidays here in Pittsburgh, and will see about seeing my folks sometime in late February or early March.
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