November 4th, 2004


Fuckedy fuck fuuuuuck!

So it looks like my car got stolen sometime in the past two days. Parked it on my street before going to the election count party on the 2nd, and when I went to get it tonight, it wasn't there. Some frantic phone calls confirmed that it wasn't towed and that there seemed to be a rash of Subaru thefts in the area recently. I already reported the apparent theft to the police and notified my insurance company, so now there's little left for me to do except wait. But gods-fuckin'-dammit, who in the hell would want to steal a scratched-up 10-year-old Subaru Outback with a peeling bumper and otaku bumper stickers?

Dude, where's my country or my car?

It's not my week.
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