November 3rd, 2004


Not with a bang but with a whimper

Well, it looks like at this point Kerry can't win without Ohio even under the best possible realistic circumstances, and Bush's lead in that state is looking more and more insurmountable as the precincts get counted up. Can't even call shenanigans, since Bush appears to be getting a solid lead in the popular vote this time around. Unless evidence of serious wide-scale fraud is uncovered (which isn't completely out of the realm of possibility with Diebold machines deployed throughout Florida), I think at this point I might as well admit defeat.

Oh well, at least Pennsylvania went solidly to Kerry, so I feel like my hands are clean and I can still look people on the street in the eye. Can't help but weep for the country, though. Wonder if I could get myself a cushy sysadmin job for one of the major Japanese universities after my retirement account vests with CMU...
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