May 30th, 2004



Woke up this morning and went scrounging for food, only to find a KFC biscuit that I had left over from last night completely covered in little black ants. After a few panicked minutes thwacking with a folded magazine at everything that moved, I went into full cleaning mode. Threw out all our trash, moved everything from the living room floor and then swept the entire apartment, stopping now and again to thwack at ants. Once I finished with that, I called our management company, so hopefully there'll be exterminators here sometime soon. Looks like the ants were only in the living room, so hopefully I won't have to move all our furniture when they do show up.

As a side effect, our apartment looks quite a bit neater. I've removed several dustpanfuls of dust, crumbs, and assorted grime, and moved most of the stuff lying around on the floor so as to make it sweepable. Going to run the dishwasher and mop the bathroom and kitchen floors at some point, and that should be it for the month's cleaning. Hmm, I guess ketsugami is right, I do tend to get into cleaning mode whenever he's away. Strange that.
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