May 29th, 2004


Not dead yet

Gah, haven't posted in a while. The past couple of weeks have been pretty much swallowed up by a mix of work and La Pucelle Tactics, which was almost as addictive as Disgaea, though not quite as amusing or well-designed (which figures, considering that La Pucelle was made before Disgaea). Been several months since I've really gotten into a game (in fact, the last game that had me playing all of my waking hours was Disgaea, back in September-October), and was starting to wonder whether I was becoming less of a gamer or whatnot, but looks like La Pucelle has put those fears to rest. Beat the game a couple of days ago, only to get hooked on City of Heroes (been leeching off of ketsugami's account while he's away on vacation). And Xenosaga 2 is coming out in Japan in about a month or so, which means I better redouble my efforts in re-cramming Japanese into this addled skull of mine.

Speaking of Japanese, I have gotten so disgusted with the state of my kanji knowledge when I was in Seattle, that I have decided to start reading in Japanese again. My goal is to spend an hour each day reading manga, writing down words I don't know and trying to remember them within the context of the manga (which hopefully will get them to stick inside my brain better than cramming the Basic Kanji Book did back in college). Once Xenosaga 2 comes out, I'm going to try to play through it in the original Japanese (though I think I'll be lucky to understand the basic gist of what is going on in the game, let alone the details of what's being said. If the preview on Xenosaga Freaks was any indication, the vocabulary there is way above and beyond what's in the Shounen Jump and Ribbon manga I've been plowing through). If I manage to finish that without destroying my PS2 in frustration, I think I'll try other untranslated RPGs in addition to going through the shelves of untranslated manga that I bought but have been too lazy to read through. Just hope that the renewed use of the language will allow me to get better at it, and not merely slow down the rate at which I'm forgetting it.

Other things of note are the vast amounts of computer hardware I have gone through over the past couple of weeks. Got requests for a whole bunch of data acquisition boards and computers to work with them, so I've had my hands full at work scavenging old machines and bringing them to life (since the data acquisition boards in question use ISA slots rather than PCI). In addition to that, the last bits for BloodGod2 came in a week ago, so I spent most of last weekend putting them together into a 1-terabyte RAID5 b0x o' l33tness. Now I just need to get off my ass and set up the software on that, and we'll be good to go. BG2 was also built as a prototype for the terabyte RAIDs I was requested to build for work, so since it seems to be working fine, there's going to be quite a bit more hardware work for me in the near future. I love my job ^^
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