March 4th, 2004


Political Compass Meme

Economic Left/Right: 5.38
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 1.03

Results from the test here

Always thought tests like this one were a step in the right direction as far as political debate in this (or for that matter any other) country was concerned. The standard labels of liberal/conservative or westernizer/slavophile have taken on so much political baggage over the ages as to become vague and largely meaningless. Theoretically, in order to accurately represent an individual's political orientation one would need a lot more dimensions than two, but that's still better than one going on zero.

As for my results, I don't think anyone would be surprised by my Economic score, unless of course it were by the fact that it wasn't further right than it was. Though I am a proponent of laissez-faire economics, and an opponent of most left-wing programs, I do know enough game theory to realize that certain market failures can only be avoided through submitting to government regulation, and that the resulting increases in efficiency more than pay for the costs of associated regulation. The Social score surprised me a bit, though. I am, and have been for most of my life, a vocal opponent of government meddling in the personal lives of citizens. A government has no business concerning itself with activity that threatens neither the nation nor its citizens. However, I am also a firm believer in hierarchical organization, enforcement of reasonable laws, and participation in the geopolitical struggle. I did not expect the latter to outweigh the former, but I guess it does, at least in the context of this online quiz. ^^;
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