February 2nd, 2004


Super Bowl

This has been the first American Football game I've ever watched where I a) had a vague understanding of the rules, b) was surrounded by people who fully understood what was going on, c) decided to pick a team to root for, and d) was sufficiently drink to enjoy it. ^^ All in all a pretty entertaining experience, since the game was pretty closely played, and the team I was cheering did manage to break a tie in the last 10 seconds. I don't think I'll be watching many games in the future, but I just may tune in for the next Super Bowl. The commercials were sort of lackluster this year, though the ones for the new Chevrolet (with the soap) and Pepsi (the one with the mp3 downloaders and a different one with young Jimi Hendrix) have been quite amusing. A great conclusion to an altogether fun if hectic weekend.
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