November 9th, 2003


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So it looks like I may very well be getting the CMU job as well. Got an email on Friday that said that I'm a finalist for the position and asked to schedule two hour-long meetings next week. If anyone knows any good salary negotiation guides/sites/books, please let me know. ^^ Keeping my fingers crossed on this one. 5-minute commute, here I come! ^^

In other news, it looks like things are progressing at a good clip at my current job. If things keep on going at their current pace, I may well leave them with all the UML documentation they need to implement the data warehouse they hired me to help them with. It also looks like my current boss is quite knowledgeable in the sort of things I would be doing at the CMU job, so we'll probably keep contact after I leave, me helping him with software engineering and him helping me with system administration.

The weekend itself went by quite nicely. Plenty of food, anime, and hanging out with people. Made pie with bluewasabi and ketsugami Friday night, only to have it fall apart in my hands as I was pulling it out of the oven (mental note: single-use pie pans bend, quite easily in fact). Managed to salvage most of it, though, and it ended up quite tasty. Still, sorry about that, guys. ^^;;

Saturday was slacktastic. Found out that I can ride the exercise bike while playing Soul Calibur II on ketsugami's Gamecube with a wireless Wavebird controller, and as a result managed to raise both the resistance level and the exercise time. Exhaustion is a lot less noticeable when you're trying to keep Sophitia alive in battle after battle. ^^ The night involved a wonderful dinner at Joe Mama's (local Italian place, pretty cheap for Italian) with cyfis and ketsugami and then a rush to campus for Vermillion. The series are progressing at a good pace, with Scrapped Princess ending on a particularly evil cliffhanger. Unfortunately, my new wake-up-at-7am schedule took its toll, and I drifted off somewhere in the middle of Stellvia. Quite annoying, since the episodes started out quite interesting. Should probably re-watch them before next week.

Today our D&D group lost yet another member to the vile monster of Networks assignments, and the session was thus cancelled. Looks like I'll have to wait until next week to get a rematch for my dwarven fighter/barbarian against the 5 rebel lizardmen clans. The odds look just about even now. ^^ Spent the day hanging around the apartment with ketsugami and annecognito and finally got around to watching Бумер, whose DVD-rip I've downloaded this week off of Usenet. Unfortunatelly it didn't have any subtitle options, so I had to do a running translation for the Russian-challenged. Starting to understand what I've been putting my father through when I was little. ^^;; I heard plenty of good things about this movie online, and was pretty impressed by the soundtrack (which was posted to the same newsgroup a couple of weeks earlier), and wasn't particularly disappointed after watching it. It was a pretty decent Russian mafia-life film, with a nicely hopeless from-bad-to-worse theme throughout it. Didn't really present much in terms of character or philosophy the way Balabanov's films did, but still managed to build a very palpable mood. Plus there's nothing quite like shots of Moscow and her rural surroundings to bring a stab of nostalgia to my chest. ^^
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