November 1st, 2003


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There was one hell of a Halloween party at Shadyhouse last night. Lots of booze, lots of people, and more costumes than a mid-size anime con. ^^ I ended up dressing up in bits and pieces of a disassembled Digital Vax Station 3200 (if anyone has pictures of me, please let me know. Forgot to take any snapshots myself), and it looks like I've managed to achieve the title of Geekiest Costume. ^^

Unfortunately I keep forgetting that getting drunk tends to make me more of a wallflower rather than less. Instead of taking away my inhibitions, the constant fear of sounding like an idiot and the knowledge that drunk people generally tend to sound like idiots tend to lead me to just sit around and listen in on what few conversations are not being drowned out by the cacophony of the party. That's something that I've noticed back during the parties I've been to at high school: getting drunk generally makes people adapt a more pronounced version of their primary personality. Rather than reducing all inhibitions, the drunkenness just erodes some of the commonly presented masks and makes the aggressive people loud and/or violent, leads the depressive to fits of crying and rolling on the floor, and sends the shy scurrying into a corner to nurse their n-th bottle. If I am ever to get past my social inhibitions, it definitely looks like it won't be through chemical means.
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