October 16th, 2003


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So it looks like I finally got back on track as far as resumes are concerned. Almost done with the week's 20-resume quota, and have written cover letters for all the particularly promising postings. Definitely feel more confident applying for tech support and computer service positions now that I have the A+ certification and over a year of solid relevant experience behind my back. Just hope that that's enough to get myself some interviews. Now if I can keep up this pace _and_ start doing Java work, I think I'll be able to satisfy even my own slave-driving conscience. Just hope that no new and addictive games come out anytime soon ^^;;

In other news, it looks like barring immediate employment, I'll probably be in New York for Thanksgiving, and in Geneva visiting my parents for all of December. I figure if I do get a job by then, it's worth losing the cost of the tickets over. On the other hand, all indicators seem to point that December is a pretty dead month job-wise, and I haven't seen my parents in ages. They just finished building their new house on the French side of the border, and it's supposed to have ample guest rooms. ^^ Speaking of which, if anyone is considering a vacation in Europe this winter, let me know. My folks said that any of my friends are welcome to stay at their house free of charge, and I already know the area well enough to help with some basic sightseeing.
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