June 8th, 2003


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This has actually been a pretty productive week. Finished moving all my stuff, unpacked all the necessities, and signed up for DSL (should start on Monday, hopefully). Also finished off screwing around with my car (just an oil change, and it should be good to go for another year, hopefully) and got BG back up and running, this time for good, I hope.

Went out to see The Italian Job with cyfis, alternakittyn, and arcticfox last night. Pretty solid film: decent acting (though I think they could have made better use of Ed Norton), good scheming/counterscheming, excellent secondary characters, and l33tass Mini chases. Gotta say, the Mini is one cool-looking car, which is quite a design achievement for something so tiny. At any rate, although I don't think it will be taking back any awards, the movie was a lot of fun, amplified by great company.

To Do list for next week:
Get an oil change for my car
Resolve the final details with our old DSL provider and with the new one
Figure out who owes how much to whom for the last set of bills at the old house
Find and reserve a room for Vermillion
Send out 20 resumes
Plan out and prepare for the backup/reformat/reinstall of my computer
Level like there's no tomorrow in RO ^^
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