May 3rd, 2003


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Went to X-Men 2 lest night, which rocked. Plenty of shots of Wolverine being a badass, and proves beyond all doubt that Magneto is most certainly the man. He 0wnz on so many levels it's not even funny. Not bad for an aging Holocaust survivor. ^_^ Mystique was a lot of fun as well. The scene with the finger was worth the price of admission alone. The story was decent, and the action was extremely well-done, so this is most definitely a very worthy sequel. If the characters are as cool and as interesting in the comic books as they are in the movies, I'll probably have to track down some compilations at some point.

Unfortunately, when I got home and dropped into my chair, I ended up breaking the carrying case for my iPod. The Pod itself is OK though, and I can always order a replacement case from Apple. Exercising is going to be a pain for the next few days, though.


Today's been going pretty decently so far. Woke up anxious/depressed, but a brain-stoppingly exhausting exercise session and a really intense game of Go took care of that. The pre-club anime session that followed was icing on the cake ^_^

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Now to call my folks, and then off to Vermillion I go.
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