April 27th, 2003


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Club last night was kind of blah. Nothing of major significance or outstanding amusement happened in the regular shows, the second Ghost in the Shell TV episode turned out corrupted and unplayable (while the first suffered from the Talking Head syndrome), and Raimuiro Senkitan turned out to have even less substance than I initially thought (and you know a show's in trouble when they start recycling panty shot footage).

Video Girl Ai was good though. Definitely a classic, and one of the best entries in the magical girlfriend genre. Hayashibara Megumi in her prime voicing the main female role and the Katsura Masakazu character designs didn't hurt things either. Pretty much a textbook example of how to do bittersweet shounen romantic comedy. Made Raimuro Senkitan look downright lifeless by comparison, in spite of the latter's bright colors and massive fanservice.
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