April 20th, 2003


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Yesterday went pretty well. Started the day with spotting Akira online, and had a good chat with him. Glad to see he's recovered from his sickness. Still works himself ragged with TsuChan, though. Also got some recommendations regarding the new crop of anime being released in Japan. Got to get my hands on some Wandaba Style and Narue no Sekai eps at some point. Both shows look obscenely cute, which is just the way I like it ^_^

Then me and ketsugami went out to sign the next year's lease. We've picked a huge apartment on the first floor of a very nicely built and well-maintained building within walking distance of both CMU and U Pitt, and the rent's only $930/month + electricity. Did I mention that Pittsburgh real estate is obscene? ^_^ At any rate, it feels good to make some kind of a financial comittment to staying in Pgh. Limits the set of likely futures, and makes most of them involve me staying right where I want to be.

After that, random anime, and finishing off the second part of Assa with minutes to spare before I had to go to Vermillion. I'm really making out like a bandit with my Usenet connection, BitTorrent, and the version 2.1 of Kazaa Lite. Been getting all kinds of Russian movies that I've been meaning to see but never had the chance to. I remember Assa making a lot of waves back when it was released (mid-80's), but now it looks rather quaint and dated. The music was good, though, and seeing the performance of "Hochu Peremen" by then still-living Viktor Tsoi and the rest of Kino as the end credits rolled pretty much made up for an otherwise slow movie.

Vermillion itself went rather well. The highlight for me was definitely Great Teacher Onizuka. It still amazes me how much drama and humor can be stuffed into the saga of a biker punk turned teacher.

All in all a pretty cool day, and I actually was free of the recent depression and anxiety for a change, which is always a good thing. Now to track down my parents so that I can get them to cosign my housing contract
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