April 13th, 2003


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And so ends the Carnival Weekend. Had a pretty cool time. Was pretty cool to meet up with all the graduated CSers. The carnival itself was pretty cool. New set of booths, some of which were pretty decently done, the obligatory funnel cake, and a TMBG concert. Unfortunately some genius decided to stick it into the most echo-producing room on campus (to quote the lead singer, "at least the incoming freshman class will still be able to enjoy the concert"), and then horribly screwed up the mixing. The drums drowned out the guitars, which in turn drowned out the singers. Still, it's not very often that you get to see a cool band up close without paying a dime ^_^

Also decided to take up go again. Gotta do something to keep my brain in shape until I find myself a job. And I can actually offer something vaguely resembling a fight to ketsugami when he takes a 3-stone handicap ^_^