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Went on a shopping run to Target today to get the various small household items we forgot about on previous runs, in addition to a TV stand for my room and a floor lamp for the living room. With that assembled, the last of our stuff has now been unpacked, and the apartment is swept, uncluttered, and very presentable. Now we just need to get ourselves some guests to entertain ^^

Vermillion was both encouraging and meh this week. The encouraging part was the fact that the flyer we've made this year for the freshman orientation packet has actually bourn fruit, and we've had a much bigger turnout than we ever get before Activity Fair. On the minus side, the room, while fully refurbished and upgraded, still had a bunch of kinks to work out, so we've run into a number of technical difficulties, which I had to deal with while ketsugami was out. Moreover, the bring-your-own-anime format that Summer meetings usually take generally works if there's a small group present and/or if the amount of anime brought is fairly small. When there's a dozen newcomers and all of BloodGod backup to choose from, things sort of went nowhere, and I pretty much had to take editorial control, something for which I was entirely unprepared tonight. Hopefully I didn't make too much of a botch of it this time around.

Jungle wa Itsumo Hare nochi Guu - ep 25-26 - Very nice, a bit of angst interspersed with the usual wackiness, but still a lot of fun. Kind of abrupt for an ending, but the n00bs seemed to get into it, so it was all good (unlike, say, the Excel Saga ending).
Dokkoider - ep3-4 - I'm really starting to like this show a lot. Great mix of parody, comedy, and serious character development/interaction. The little evil magical girl is t3h cute. Too bad it just started airing in Japan, so new episodes will be slow in coming.
Yami no Matsuei - ep3 - The show is growing on me. The talking chickens no longer seem as horribly out of place, the art is damn pretty, and now I see why all the shounen ai fangirls are drooling over the show. Would definitely be interested in seeing more of it.
.hack//SIGN - ep6-7 - Slow as usual, but I still like it. :P Aside from the usual awesome music and great character designs, the highlight of tonight's episodes was Mimiru's journey with then n00b. If only all the real MMORPG n00bs were this cool ^^
Onegai Twins - ep1-2 - Dunno, the character designs were pretty cute, and the main character was a bit more interesting than most Tenchi Syndrome protagonists, but neither the plot nor the main characters have really managed to hook my interest. Some of the secondary characters were pretty l33t, though, especially the Student Council girls. I think I'll give Onegai Teacher a try at some point, and see if it motivates me to give Twins another go.

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